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Aristaenetus, Erotic Letters
Peter Bing, Regina Höschele
Publication Date
April 2014


This translation of the complete works of the sixth-century poet Aristaenetus introduces his poetry to audiences interested in classical and postclassical literature. Through allusion and adaption of earlier authors, Aristaenetus recounts tales that are the stuff of comedy, erotic poetry, and ancient novel. Readers encounter stories of lovers who use every trope of erotic literature to praise their beloveds in over-the-top speeches. Paramours hatch complicated schemes to achieve their desires, while wily go-betweens help smooth their way, and unfaithful spouses barely avoid capture in the midst of hair-raising and amusing infidelities. Peter Bing and Regina Höschele and include a discussion of intertextual connections with other Greco-Roman authors making this as essential resource for scholars and students.

Peter Bing is Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of the Classics at Emory University. His books include The Well-Read Muse: Present and Past in Callimachus and the Hellenistic Poets (Michigan Classics Press), The Scroll and The Marble: Studies in Reading and Reception in Hellenistic Poetry (University of Michigan Press), and the co-authored Games of Venus: An Anthology of Greek and Roman Erotic Verse from Sappho to Ovid (Routledge).

Regina Höschele is Associate Professor of Classics at the University of Toronto. She is the author of Verrückt nach Frauen: Der Epigrammatiker Rufin and Die blütenlesende Muse: Poetik und Textualität antiker Epigrammsammlungen (both from Gunter Narr Verlag).

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