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The Ancient Martyrdom Accounts of Peter and Paul
David L. Eastman
Publication Date
July 2015


New English translations based upon the most up-to-date critical editions

This book for the first time collects the various ancient accounts of the martydoms of Peter and Paul, which number more than a dozen, along with more than forty references to the martyrdoms from early Christian literature. At last a more complete picture of the traditions about the deaths of Peter and Paul is able to emerge.


  • Greek, Latin, and Syriac accounts from antiquity
  • Introductions and notes for each text
  • Original texts are produced on facing pages for specialists

David L. Eastman is Associate Professor of Religion at Ohio Wesleyan University. He s the author of of Paul the Martyr: The Cult of the Apostle in the Latin West (Society of Biblical Literature) and a contributor to the Society of Biblical Literature’s Bible Odyssey web site. He is also co-chair of the Society of Biblical Literature unit Inventing Christianity: Apostolic Fathers, Apologists, and Martyrs.

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