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L. Annaeus Cornutus: Greek Theology, Fragments, and Testimonia
George Boys Stones
Publication Date
December 2018


The first English translation of Greek Theology

The first-century CE North African philosopher, Cornutus, lived in Rome as a philosopher and is best known today for his surviving work Greek Theology, which explores the origins and names of the Greek gods. However, he was also interested in the language and literature of the poets Persius and Lucan and wrote one of the very first commentaries on Virgil. This book collects and translates all of our evidence for Cornutus for the very first time and includes the first published English translation of Greek Theology. This collection offers entirely fresh insight into the intellectual world of the first century.


  • Translation based on the latest critical text
  • The first truly holistic picture of Cornutus intellectual profile
  • A new account of the early debate over Aristotle's Categories and the Stoic contribution to it

George Boys-Stones is Professor of Ancient Philosophy at Durham University and Co-Director of the Durham Centre for Ancient and Medieval Philosophy. He is the author of Platonist Philosophy 80 BC-AD 250 (2017), managing editor of Phronesis, general editor for Issues in Ancient Philosophy (Routledge), and joint editor of Ancient Philosophy and Religion (Brill).

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