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The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls
C. D. Elledge
ABS 14
Publication Date
October 2005


The Dead Sea Scrolls have revolutionized our understanding of the literature of the Hebrew Bible, Second Temple Judaism, and the New Testament. The study of the Scrolls is now essential for understanding the history and transmission of the earliest biblical manuscripts, the development of apocalyptic and wisdom writings, and the rise of Jewish messianism—to name only a few of the most important areas of biblical literature to which the Scrolls have made an enduring contribution. As the importance of the Scrolls has increased over the past decades, the scholarly literature has increased exponentially. This brief yet thorough book highlights the most important contributions the Scrolls have made to the study of the Bible and charts new territory for future research into the Scrolls and the Qumran community. After reading The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls, students and scholars alike will have the basic understanding of the Scrolls necessary for pondering even deeper questions regarding the history, literature, and theology of the Bible.

C. D. Elledge is Assistant Professor of Religion at Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter, Minnesota. He is the author of The Statutes of the King: The Temple Scroll’s Legislation on Kingship (Gabalda).

“This is a very good introductory overview for undergraduates … a useful textbook for courses on early Judaism, the NT and, of course, the Dead Sea Scrolls.”
— James R. Davila, Journal for the Study of the New Testament

“This is a sound volume that avoids the excesses of some books on the scrolls. It is written with clarity and incorporates a selective number of studies that have been published in recent years.”
— Timothy H. Lim, Expository Times