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The Philistines and Other Sea Peoples in Text and Archaeology
Ann E. Killebrew, Gunnar Lehmann
ABS 15
Publication Date
April 2013



The search for the biblical Philistines, one of ancient Israel’s most storied enemies, has long intrigued both scholars and the public. Archaeological and textual evidence examined in their broader eastern Mediterranean context reveals that the Philistines, well-known from biblical and extrabiblical texts, together with other related groups of “Sea Peoples,” played a transformative role in the development of new ethnic groups and polities that emerged from the ruins of the Late Bronze Age empires. The essays in this book, representing recent research in the fields of archaeology, Bible, and history, reassess the origins, identity, material culture, and impact of the Philistines and other Sea Peoples on the Iron Age cultures and peoples of the eastern Mediterranean.

The contributors are Matthew Adams, Michal Artzy, Tristan Barako, David Ben Shlomo, Mario Benzi, Margaret Cohen, Anat Cohen-Weinberger, Trude Dothan, Elizabeth French, Marie-Henriette Gates, Hermann Genz, Ayelet Gilboa, Maria Iacovou, Ann E. Killebrew, Sabine Laemmel, Gunnar Lehmann, Aren Maeir, Amihai Mazar, Linda Meiberg, Penelope Mountjoy, Hermann Michael Niemann, Jeremy Rutter, Ilan Sharon, Susan Sherratt, Neil Asher Silberman, and Itamar Singer.

Ann E. Killebrew, Associate Professor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies and Jewish Studies at The Pennsylvania State University, has participated in or directed numerous archaeological projects in the Levant, Egypt and Turkey. Her Biblical Peoples and Ethnicity: An Archaeological Study of Egyptians, Canaanites, Philistines, and Early Israel 1300–1100 B.C.E. (Society of Biblical Literature) was the recipient of the G. Ernest Wright Publications Award (American Schools of Oriental Research) for the best archaeology book in 2005.

Gunnar Lehmann is Tenured Senior Lecturer in the Department of Bible, Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies at Ben Gurion University of the Negev. He is the author of Late Iron Age Syria and Lebanon: Stratigraphy and Pottery Typology, ca. 720–300 B.C.E. (Ugarit-Verlag) and Bibliography of Archaeological Sites and Surveys in Syria and Lebanon (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut).

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