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New Inscriptions and Seals Relating to the Biblical World
Meir Lubetski, Edith Lubetski
ABS 19
Publication Date
September 2012


This volume continues the tradition of New Seals and Inscriptions, Hebrew, Idumean and Cuneiform (Sheffield Phoenix, 2007) by featuring analyses by eminent scholars of some of the archaeological treasures from Dr. Shlomo Moussaieff’s outstanding collection. These contributions signal fresh approaches to the study of ancient artifacts and underscore the role of archaeological evidence in reconstructing the legacy of antiquity, especially that of the biblical period. The contributors are Kathleen Abraham, Chaim Cohen, Robert Deutsch, Claire Gottlieb, Martin Heide, Richard S. Hess, W. G. Lambert†, André Lemaire, Meir Lubetski, Matthew Morgenstern, Alan Millard, Lawrence J. Mykytiuk, and Peter van der Veen.

Meir Lubetski is Professor of Modern Languages and Comparative Literature at Baruch College, City University of New York. He is the author of New Seals and Inscriptions, Hebrew, Idumean and Cuneiform and, with Edith Lubetski, The Book of Esther: A Classified Bibliography (both from Sheffield Phoenix). Edith Lubetski is Head Librarian of the Hedi Steinberg Library, Yeshiva University, New York.

Download volume front matter, including table of contents and introduction.