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Edom at the Edge of Empire: A Social and Political History
Bradley L. Crowell
ABS 29
Publication Date
September 2021


A comprehensive history of a state on Judah’s border

Edom at the Edge of Empire combines biblical, epigraphic, archaeological, and comparative evidence to reconstruct the history of Judah’s neighbor to the southeast. Crowell traces the material and linguistic evidence, from early Egyptian sources that recall conflicts with nomadic tribes to later Assyrian texts that reference compliant Edomite tribal kings, to offer alternative scenarios regarding Edom’s transformation from a collection of nomadic tribes and workers in the Wadi Faynan as it relates to the later  polity centered around the city of Busayra in the mountains of southern Jordan. This is the first book to incorporate the important evidence from the Wadi Faynan copper mines into a thorough account of Edom’s history, providing a key resource for students and scholars of the ancient Near East and the Hebrew Bible.

Bradley L. Crowell is Professor of Religious Studies in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Drake University. He is the coeditor of Excavating Asian History: Interdisciplinary Studies in Archaeology and History. He is currently working on a commentary on the book of Joshua for the Wisdom Commentary series.

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