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Studia Philonica Annual: Studies in Hellenistic Judaism, Volume XVIII (2006)
David T. Runia, Gregory E. Sterling,
SPhiloA 18
Publication Date
November 2006


The Studia Philonica Annual is a scholarly journal devoted to furthering the study of Hellenistic Judaism, and in particular the writings and thought of the Hellenistic-Jewish writer Philo of Alexandria (circa 15 B.C.E. to circa 50 C.E.).

David T. Runia is the Master of Queen’s College at the University of Melbourne. Gregory E. Sterling is Associate Dean of the Faculty, College of Arts and Letters, and Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame.

“The indefatigable compilers of the bibliography and the editors of this issue are again to be congratulated on producing another volume which is extremely useful not only for Philo specialists, but also for those in cognate areas not initiated into his paideia.
— Simon Gathercole, Journal for the Study of the New Testament



Moses’ Physiologia and the Meaning and Use of Physikôs in Philo of Alexandria’s Exegetical Method
—Steven Di Mattei

Conscience and Free Speech in Philo
—Philip R. Bosman

Two Short Notes on Philo
—Pieter W. van der Horst

Special Section: Philo’s De virtutibus

—David T. Runia

Philo’s De virtutibus in the Perspective of Classical Greek Philosophy
—David Konstan

The Text of Philo’s De virtutibus
—James R. Royse

“The Queen of the Virtues”: Eusebeia in Philo of Alexandria
—Gregory E. Sterling

Review Article

Recent work on Plato’s Timaeus
—Julia Annas

Bibliography Section

Philo of Alexandria: An Annotated Bibliography 2003
—D. T. Runia, E. Birnbaum, K. A. Fox, A. C. Geljon, H. M. Keizer, J. P. Martín, R. Radice, J. Riaud, D. Satran, G. Schimanowski, T. Seland

Supplement: Provisional Bibliography 2004–2006

Book Reviews

Reviews by Cameron Boyd-Taylor, Jean Riaud, Erich S. Gruen, Andrei A. Orlov, John W. Marshall, Michael E. Stone, Ronald R. Cox, Maren Niehoff, and David T. Runia