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The Social Groups Behind the Pentateuch
Jaeyoung Jeon, editor
AIL 44
Publication Date
January 2022


A reexamination of the Pentateuch in light of the complex social, religious, and political conflicts of the Persian period

During the last several decades, scholars in pentateuchal studies have suggested new compositional models to replace the Documentary Hypothesis, yet no consensus has emerged. The ten essays in this collection advance the discussion by shifting the focus of pentateuchal studies from the literary stratification of different layers of the texts to the social, economic, religious, and political agendas behind them. Rather than limiting the focus of their studies to scribal and community groups within Persian Yehud, contributors look beyond Yehud to other Judahite communities in the diaspora, including Elephantine and the Samaritan community, establishing a proper academic context for setting the diverse voices of the Pentateuch as we now understand them. Contributors include Olivier Artus, Thomas B. Dozeman, Innocent Himbaza, Jürg Hutzli, Jaeyoung Jeon, Itamar Kislev, Ndikho Mtshiselwa, Dany Noquet, Katharina Pyschny, Thomas Römer, and Konrad Schmid.

Jaeyoung Jeon is Senior Swiss National Science Foundation Researcher at the University of Lausanne. He is the author of The Call of Moses and the Exodus Story: A Redactional-Critical Study in Exodus 3–4 and 5–13 (2013) and the coeditor of Chronicles and the Priestly Literature in the Hebrew Bible (2021).