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The Davidic Dynasty Tradition in Early Judaism: Its History and Significance for Messianism
Kenneth E. Pomykala, Kenneth Pomykala
Publication Date
January 1997


“In this revision of his 1992 doctoral dissertation submitted to The Claremont Graduate School, Kenneth Pomykala evaluates and reconsiders the interpretation and application of the Davidic dynasty tradition during the period of early Judaism (400 BCE–100 CE). He first offers a history of the Davidic dynasty tradition during this period and then evaluates the notion that a ‘widespread, continuous, dominant or uniform expectation for a davidic messiah’ existed. After reviewing the pertinent biblical texts prior to the late Persian period and studying the early Jewish texts referring to this tradition, Pomykala ultimately concludes that such an expectation did not exist, but the dynasty tradition was used and interpreted in a variety of ways. … the book provides a helpful description and critique of the Davidic dynasty tradition, and its overall analysis is sound.”
—Scott Langston, Journal of Biblical Literature

“This study is exemplary in its analysis and argumentation.… It should elicit a fundamental reconsideration of long-held scholarly presuppositions and is therefore recommended for any university library.”
—Theodore A. Bergren, Religious Studies Review