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The Dead Sea Scrolls at Fifty: Proceedings of the 1997 Society of Biblical Literature Qumran Section Meetings
Robert A. Kugler, Eileen M. Schuller,
EJL 15
Publication Date
January 2000


Hidden untouched in caves for two millennia, the Dead Sea Scrolls now for fifty years have been poked and prodded to yield their treasure of knowledge about the history of early Jews and Christians. This veritable “who’s who” of international Scrolls research commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls with essays focused on the history of Dead Sea Scrolls research; the Scrolls and the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, early Judaism and the New Testament; the Damascus Document; and the future of Dead Sea Scrolls research. The book includes twelve photographs, several recently released to the public for the first time.

“This collection of essays is worth reading for anyone willing to go beyond a surface knowledge of the meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls, to get insights about the complex history of their publication and of their analysis, and to grasp something of their invaluable contribution to the study of Hebrew Scriptures, ancient Judaism and early Christianity.”
Hebrew Studies

“The editors of this jubilee volume choose to recount the Dead Sea Scrolls’ research, not in terms of its variegated fields…by referring to the history of the research and publication in terms of agenda and methodology.…an interesting volume, which looks forwards optimistically to future research.”
Review of Biblical Literature


The Past: On the History of Dead Sea Scrolls Research
—George J. Brooke and Lawrence H. Schiffman

The Publication of the Texts from the Judean Desert: Past, Present, and Future
—Emanuel Tov

The Scrolls and the Study of the Hebrew Bible
—Eugene Ulrich

The Scrolls and the Study of Early Judaism
—Devorah Dimant

The Scrolls and the Study of the New Testament
—George J. Brooke

Currents in Qumran Scholarship: The Interplay of Data, Agendas, and Methodology
—George W. E. Nickelsburg

Scrolls Scholarship as Intellectual History
—John J. Collins

Currents in Qumran Research
—James H. Charlesworth

A Response to George Nickelsburg’s “Currents in Qumran Scholarship”
—Carol A. Newsom

Israeli Scholarship on the Texts from the Judean Desert
—Emanuel Tov

Qumran Scholarship: A European Perspective
—Florentino García Martínez and Julio Trebolle Barrera

A Response to the Respondents
—George W. E. Nickelsburg

The Damascus Document Reconsidered
—Joseph Baumgarten

Reflections on DJD XVIII
—Philip R. Davies

Demons, Theology and Abraham’s Covenant (CD 16:4-6 and Related Texts)
—Menahem Kister

The Significance of the Temple in the Manuscripts of the Damascus Document
—John Kampen

A Response to the Discussion of DJD XVIII
—Joseph Baumgarten

And It Shall Come to Pass in the End of Days: An Agenda for the Future
—Lawrence H. Schiffman and Marlene Schiffman