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The Didache: A Missing Piece of the Puzzle in Early Christianity
Jonathan A. Draper, Clayton N. Jefford, editors
ECL 14
Publication Date
June 2015


An intriguing dilemma for those who study ancient Christian contexts and literature

This edited volume includes essays and responses from specialists in the Didache and in early church history in general.


  • Strategies for understanding liturgical constructions and ritual worship found in the text
  • Studies that apply generally to the overall content and background of the Didache
  • Essays on the relationship between the Didache and scripture—particularly with respect to the Gospel of Matthew

Jonathan A. Draper is Senior Professor or New Testament and University Fellow at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Scottsville, South Africa. He is the editor of Orality, Literacy, and Colonialism in Antiquity and Orality, Literacy, and Colonialism in Southern Africa (both from Society of Biblical Literature).

Clayton N. Jefford is Professor of Scripture at Saint Meinrad School of Theology in Indiana. He is the author of Reading the Apostolic Fathers: A Student’s Introduction (Baker) and The Sayings of Jesus in the Teaching of the Twelve Apostles (Brill).

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