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Interfigural Readings of the Gospel of John
Ingrid Rosa Kitzberger
ECL 26
Publication Date
November 2019


New and challenging readings of biblical characters

This volume of collected essays introduces the concept of interfigurality, the interrelations and interdependence between characters in the Gospel of John and in the Synoptic Gospels and the Hebrew Bible.The essays are informed by a narrative-critical reader-response, (post)feminist hermeneutics and an autobiographical approach to biblical texts. This volume encourages transformative encounters between present-day readers and the ancient biblical texts.


  • Previously unpublished conference papers and published essays
  • A new perspective on the relation between New Testament and Hebrew Bible
  • Foreword by Fernando F. Segovia

Ingrid Rosa Kitzberger is an independent scholar and the editor of Transformative Encounters: Jesus and Women Re-viewed (1999), The Personal Voice in Biblical Interpretation (1998), and Autobiographical Biblical Criticism: Between Text and Self (2002).

Praise for Interfigural Readings of the Gospel of John

In this captivating collection of twelve essays, the personal/autobiographical trajectory of a bright and imaginative Johannine scholar comes to life in a unique and creative way. Kitzberger takes us into a fascinating intertextual journey, ingeniously intertwined with the Synoptic Gospels, discovering inventive ways of reinterpreting John. Not only does she enter the Gospel of John as a real flesh-and-blood reader, but she comes out of it, as if hand in hand, with the Samaritan woman, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Lazarus, and Nicodemus, among others, as real characters from the first century, bringing the gospels to life for today.

—Leticia Guardiola-Sáenz, Associate Professor of Christian Scriptures, Seattle University

An insightful and passionate interfigural reading of the Gospel of John! By showing the relationships between figures that seem unrelated, Kitzberger rereads, reconfigures, and retells John’s Gospel and its reception with her stories from different social locations.

—Menghun Goh, Assistant Professor of New Testament, Taiwan Graduate School of Theology

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