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The Ways That Often Parted: Essays in Honor of Joel Marcus
Lori Baron, Jill Hicks Keeton, Matthew Thiessen, editors
ECL 24
Publication Date
October 2018


Focused studies on the historical interactions and formations of Judaism and Christianity

This volume of essays, from an internationally renowned group of scholars, challenges popular ways of understanding how Judaism and Christianity came to be separate religions in antiquity. Essays in the volume reject the belief that there was one parting at an early point in time and contest the argument that there was no parting until a very late date. The resulting volume presents a complex account of the numerous ways partings occurred across the ancient Mediterranean spanning the first four centuries CE.


  • Case studies that explore how Jews and Christians engaged in interaction, conflict, and collaboration
  • Examinations of the gospels, Paul’s letters, the book of James, as well as rabbinic and noncanonical Christian texts
  • New evidence for historical reconstructions of how Christianity came on the world scene

Lori Baron is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Theological Studies at St. Louis University. She is the author of The Shema in the Gospel of John (forthcoming, Mohr Siebeck).

Jill Hicks-Keeton is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Oklahoma. She is the author of Arguing with Aseneth: Gentile Access to Israel’s “Living God” in Jewish Antiquity (Oxford University Press).

Matthew Thiessen is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at McMaster University. He is the author of Contesting Conversion: Genealogy, Circumcision, and Identity in Ancient Judaism and Christianity and Paul and the Gentile Problem (both Oxford University Press).

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