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Narrative Mode and Theological Claim in Johannine Literature: Essays in Honor of Gail R. O’Day
Lynn R. Huber, Susan Hylen, William M. Wright IV, editors
Publication Date
September 2021


Exegesis that bears fruit both for the academy and the church

In this collection of essays and sermons on the Gospel of John and Revelation, friends, colleagues, and former students of Gail R. O’Day engage the possibilities raised by her interest in integrating historical, literary, theological, and homiletic methods. Contributors explore the relationship between narrative mode and theological claim through both historical contextualization and literary analysis to offer new insight into potential meanings. Contributions from Yoshimi Azuma, Teresa Fry Brown, Patrick Gray, Lynn R. Huber,  Susan E. Hylen, Karoline M. Lewis, Thomas G. Long, Veronice Miles, Vernon K. Robbins, Gilberto A. Ruiz, Ted A. Smith, and William M. Wright IV thematize the importance of narrative approaches and the diverse ways they can be employed.

Lynn R. Huber is Maude Sharpe Powell Professor of Religion at Elon University. She is the author of Thinking and Seeing with Women in Revelation (2013).

Susan E. Hylen is Associate Professor of New Testament at Candler School of Theology. She is the author of Imperfect Believers: Ambiguous Characters in the Gospel of John (2009).

William M. Wright IV is Professor of Catholic Studies and Theology at Duquesne University. He is the author of Rhetoric and Theology: Figural Reading of John 9 (2009).

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