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Ingesting Jesus: Eating and Drinking in the Gospel of John
Jane S. Webster
AcBib 6
Publication Date
May 2003


065006-WebsterExtending the parameters of usual thematic studies, this study of a literary motif in the Gospel of John explores all passages related to ingesting, including references to food and drink; actions of eating, drinking, feeding and serving; references to words drawn from the domain of ingesting (e.g., “tasting death”); and the six stories that take place during a meal. Consistently, ingesting language is used to describe both the role of Jesus as the one who is incarnate as “flesh” but who must die in order that others might eat and live, and the role of the believer as one who must “eat and drink Jesus.” The ingesting motif thus is an important way to talk about salvation in the Gospel. At the same time, the prevalence and effectiveness of this ingesting motif affirms that eating and drinking were significant in the Johannine community, perhaps reflecting Eucharistic practice. It thus draws modest sociological conclusions from literary analysis, and develops a new methodology in biblical literary criticism.