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Feminist Biblical Studies in the Twentieth Century: Scholarship and Movement
Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza
BW 9.1
Publication Date
July 2014



Chart the development of feminist approaches and theories of interpretation during the period when women first joined the ranks of biblical scholars

This collection of essays on feminist biblical studies in the twentieth century seeks to explore four areas of inquiry demanding further investigation. In the first section, articles chart the beginnings and developments of feminist biblical studies as a conversation among feminists around the world. The second section introduces, reviews, and discusses the hermeneutic religious spaces created by feminist biblical studies. The third segment discusses academic methods of reading and interpretation that dismantle androcentric language and kyriarchal authority. The fourth section returns to the first with work that transgresses academic boundaries in order to exemplify the transforming, inspiring, and institutionalizing feminist work that has been and is being done to change religious mindsets of domination and to enable wo/men to engage in critical readings of the Bible.


  • Essays examine the rupture or break in the malestream reception history of the Bible
  • Exploration of the term feminism in different social-cultural and theoretical-religious locations
  • Authors from around the world present research and future directions for research challenging the next generation of feminist interpreters

Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza is Krister Stendahl Professor of Divinity at Harvard Divinity School. She is the author of numerous books, the most recent of which is Changing Horizons: Explorations in Feminist Interpretation (Fortress, 2013).

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