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Faith and Feminism in Nineteenth-Century Religious Communities
Michaela Sohn Kronthaler, Ruth Albrecht, editors
BW 8.2
Publication Date
June 2019



Explore a diversity of feminist readings of the Bible

This latest volume in the Bible and Women series is concerned with documenting, in word and image, well-known and largely unknown women and their relationship to the Bible from the period of the late eighteenth century up to the beginning of the twentieth century. Women authors from this period are presented along with their explanations and interpretations. The essays in this collection illustrate the broad range of treatment of the Holy Scripture. Paul Chilcote, Marion Ann Taylor, Christiana de Groot, Elizabeth M. Davis, and Pamela S. Nadell offer perspectives on the Anglo-American sphere during this period. Marina Cacchi, Adriano Valerio, and Inmaculada Blasco Herranz, as well as by Alexei Klutschewski and Eva Maria Synek illuminate the areas of southern and eastern Europe. Angela Berlis, Ruth Albrecht, Doris Brodbeck, Ute Gause, and Michaela Sohn-Kronthaler examine women from the German-speaking world and their texts. Bernhard Schneider, Magda Motté, Katharina Büttner-Kirschner, and Elfriede Wiltschnigg treat the subject area of religious literature and art.


  • Insight into how woman applied biblical figures as models for the structuring of their own lives and their participation in academic exegesis
  • Exploration of genres used by women, included letters, diaries, autobiographical records, stories, novels, songs, poems, and specialized exegetical treatises and commentaries on individual books of the Bible
  • Detailed analyses of women’s interpretations ranging from those that sought to confirm traditions to those that sought to challenge them

Michaela Sohn-Kronthaler is professor of church history at Karl Franzens University Graz. She is the coauthor of Frauen im kirchlichen Leben: Jahrhundert bis heute (2008)

Ruth Albrecht is a professor in the Institut für Kirchen- und Dogmengeschichte at the University of Hamburg. She is the author of Johanna Eleonora Petersen. Theologische Schriftstellerin des frühen Pietismus (2005).

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