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Retroverting Slavonic Pseudepigrapha: Toward the Original of the Apocalypse of Abraham
Alexander Kulik
Publication Date
November 2004


The Slavonic literary tradition preserved translations of many important documents of ancient religious thought but has received inadequate attention in reconstructions of the documents behind these texts. To fill this gap, Kulik provides the first systematic attempt to apply retroversion to Slavonic pseudepigrapha. In addition to elaborating the principles and tools required for any attempt at retroversion, Kulik offers a new translation of the Apocalypse of Abraham, organized formally as a discussion of separate problematic segments of the text and classified according to type of retroverted phenomena. This volume will be of greatest interest to scholars and students of Jewish literature of the Second Temple period, early Christianity, history of religious thought, medieval Slavonic literature and linguistics, and ancient and medieval translation techniques.

Alexander Kulik is Lecturer at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

“Kulik’s research manages to present ApAb [Apocalypse of Abraham] in all its integrity and understands the text as an important witness to Second Temple Judaism. I hope that this book helps to put to oblivion many unsubstantiated claims about so-called ‘interpolations’ into the text of ApAb. The textual focus of Kulik’s research encourages all scholars of the Slavonic pseudepigrapha to be dependent more on the textual evidence rather than on ideological considerations. Let us thank the author for this important lesson.”
— Basil Lourié, Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha