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Foundations for Sociorhetorical Exploration: A Rhetoric of Religious Antiquity Reader
Vernon K. Robbins, Robert H. Von Thaden Jr., Bart B. Bruehler, editors
Publication Date
September 2016


Engaging resources for understanding the importance of bodies and spaces in producing and interpreting persuasive language

This volume collects essays that represent intellectual milestones that are informing sociorhetorical interpretation during the twenty-first century. The essays are arranged into five parts: (1) Topos; (2) Cultural Geography and Critical Spatiality; (3) Rhetorolects and Conceptual Blending; (4) Rhetography; and (5) Rhetorical Force.


  • Tools for integrating multiple approaches to biblical interpretation
  • Resources that emphasize the importance of language that prompts mental pictures in effective rhetoric
  • Essays from classicists, rhetoricians, and biblical scholars

Vernon K. Robbins is Professor of New Testament and Comparative Sacred Texts in the Department and Graduate Division of Religion at Emory University. He launched sociorhetorical interpretation in New Testament studies with Jesus the Teacher (1984).

Robert H. von Thaden Jr. is the chair of Religious Studies at Mercyhurst University. He is the author of Sex, Christ, and Embodied Cognition: Paul's Wisdom for Corinth (Deo, 2012) and numerous essays and articles.

Bart B. Bruehler is Associate Professor of New Testament in the College of Adult and Professional Studies at Indiana Wesleyan University and the chair of the University Scholarship Council. He is the author of A Public and Political Christ (Wipf & Stock).

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