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The Book of Ben Sira in Hebrew: A Text Edition of all Extant Hebrew Manuscripts and a Synopsis
Pancratius C. Beentjes
Publication Date
May 2006


The Book of Ben Sira in Hebrew: A Text Edition of All Extant Hebrew Manuscripts and A Synopsis of All Parallel Hebrew Ben Sira Texts is the most comprehensive resource available for reconstructing the extant portions of the Hebrew text of the book of Ben Sira (Sirach). In addition to providing precise transcriptions of all nine Ben Sira Hebrew manuscripts discovered between 1896 and 1982, this work also includes a synopsis of all the texts available in more than one manuscript. Since its initial publication in 1997 (Brill), The Book of Ben Sira in Hebrew has been recognized as the authoritative source for the Hebrew text of Ben Sira. This paperback edition not only incorporates corrections to the original edition but also makes this seminal resource available to scholars and students alike.

Prof. Dr. Pancratius C. Beentjes, Professor in the Department of Bible Sciences at Katholieke Theologische Universiteit te Utrecht (Catholic Theological University at Utrecht), has published widely on topics related to the Hebrew Bible, including The Book of Ben Sira in Modern Research (editor; 1997), a two-volume commentary on the book of Chronicles (2002, 2006), and numerous articles on Ben Sira, which have been recently collected in “Happy the One Who Meditates on Wisdom” (CBET 43).