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A Phoenician-Punic Grammar
Charles R. Krahmalkov
Publication Date
December 2014


A classical descriptive grammar of the Phoenician-Punic language

Carefully selected examples from texts and dialects of the whole Phoenician-Punic period bring to life the grammatical description of this language: its phonology, orthography, morphology, syntax, usage, and its history and dialects. The description of the verbal system—especially that of the literary language, which holds that tense and aspect reference of a given form of the verb is largely a function of syntax, not morphology­—is useful to students and scholars of Semitic languages.


  • Paperback of the original Brill edition
  • Fully vocalized Punic and Neo-Punic inscriptions of Roman Tripolitiana in Latin orthography
  • Literary fragments of Punic drama as found in Plautus’s comedy Poenulus

Charles R. Krahmalkov is Professor Emeritus of Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Literature at the University of Michigan.

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