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A Grammar of Egyptian Aramaic
Takamitsu Muraoka, Bezalel Porten
Publication Date
December 2014


A required resource for every Aramaist, Semitist, and historian in the field

This grammar of Egyptian Aramaic focues on the language as it is presented in texts of Egyptian provenance dating from the middle of the first millennium BCE. The authors cover phonology, morphology, morphosyntax, and syntax.


  • Paperback format of an essential Brill hardcover reference book
  • Expert knowledge from specialists in the field
  • Complete text of the second revised edition

Takamitsu Muraoka is Professor Emeritus of Hebrew Language and Literature, Israelite Antiquities, and Ugaritic at the State University of Leiden, The Netherlands. His past publications deal with the Hebrew/Aramaic/Syriac linguistics and the ancient versions of the Old Testament.

Bezalel Porten is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Jewish History of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is the author and co-author of numerous studies on the ancient Egyptian Aramaic texts and on the Elephantine papyri.

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