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Handbook of Ugaritic Studies
Wilfred G. E. Watson, Nicolas Wyatt, editors
Publication Date
October 2015


The most complete guide to Ugarit for scholars and students now in paperback

The discovery of the archives of Ras Shamra (Ugarit) revolutionized our knowledge of the background to Greek, Phoenician, and Israelite culture. This compendium treats their discovery, decipherment of script, interpretation of literary, diplomatic and legal texts, as well as analysis of languages, history, religion and iconography.


  • Paperback format of an essential Brill hardcover reference book
  • Survey of the field from experts around the world
  • Extensive bibliography for deeper research

Wilfred G. E. Watson is Visiting Research Fellow in Newcastle University. He has written extensively on Ugaritic language and poetry and co-edited the Newsletter for Ugaritic Studies and Ugarit, Religion and Culture (Ugarit-Verlag).

Nicolas Wyatt is Honorary Professorial Fellow and Professor in the University of Edinburgh School of Divinity. His main research interests are in the history of religions and mythology. He is author of Myths of Power (Ugarit Verlag) and Religious Texts from Ugarit (Sheffield Academic Press).