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The Buried Foundation of the Gilgamesh Epic: The Akkadian Huwawa Narrative
Daniel E. Fleming, Sara J. Milstein
Publication Date
December 2014


A fresh look at the sources behind the Akkadian Gilgamesh Epic

Contrasts in characterization and narrative logic distinguish the adventure to defeat the monster Huwawa from what precedes and follows it in the Akkadian Gilgamesh Epic. Fleming and Milstein argue that the Huwawa narrative must have been composed from a prior Akkadian composition that stood on its own.


  • Paperback format of an essential Brill reference set
  • Analysis that quesitons the origin of the Huwawa narrative
  • Methods of literary-historical investigation from contemporary texts applied to the ancient Akkadian

Daniel E. Fleming is Professor of Hebrew and Judaic Studies at New York University. He has published three books on ancient Syria, as represented by the archives of Emar and Mari.

Sara J. Milstein is Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. She is interested in the reading of revised texts in antiquity.

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