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Stephen C. Barton, Andrew J. Byers
One God, One People: Oneness and Unity in Early Christianity
RBS 104
Tat-siong Benny Liew, Shelly Matthews
Race and Biblical Studies: Antiracism Pedagogy for the Classroom
RBS 101
John Screnock, Vladimir Olivero
A Grammar of Ugaritic
RBS 102
Shelley L. Birdsong, J. Cornelis De Vos, Hyun Chul Paul Kim
Reading Gender in Judges: An Intertextual Approach
RBS 103
Jocelyn McWhirter, Sylvie T. Raquel
Teaching the Bible with Undergraduates
RBS 99
Donald Collett, Mark Elliott, Mark Gignilliat, Ephraim Radner
Identity of Israel's God in Christian Scripture
RBS 96
Eric F. Mason, Darian R. Lockett
Reading the Epistle of James: A Resource for Students
RBS 94
Marianne Grohmann, Hyun Chul Paul Kim
Second Wave Intertextuality and the Hebrew Bible
RBS 93