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Irmtraud Fischer, Mercedes Navarro Puerto
BW 1.1
L. Juliana Claassens, Irmtraud Fischer
Prophecy and Gender in the Hebrew Bible
BW 1.2
Christl M. Maier, Nuria Calduch-Benages
The Writings and Later Wisdom Books
BW 1.3
Mercedes Navarro Puerto, Marinella Perroni
Gospels: Narrative and History
BW 2.1
Eileen Schuller, Marie Theres Wacker
Early Jewish Writings
BW 3.1
Tal Ilan, Lorena Miralles-Macia, Ronit Nikolsky
Rabbinic Literature
BW 4.1
Carol Bakhos, Gerhard Langer
The Jewish Middle Ages
BW 4.2
Franca Ela Consolino, Judith Herrin
The Early Middle Ages
BW 6.1
Kari Elisabeth Borresen, Adriana Valerio
The High Middle Ages
BW 6.2
Angela Berlis, Christiana de Groot
Nineteenth-Century Women’s Movements and the Bible
BW 8.1
Michaela Sohn Kronthaler, Ruth Albrecht
Faith and Feminism in Nineteenth-Century Religious Communities
BW 8.2